Our wild blogs won!

We found out last week that our blogs for 30 Days Wild stood out enough to win the adult category for best 30 Days Wild blog. To be honest, I wasn’t even aware that there was a competition element so it was a rather nice surprise. Edie was very excited when I told her. The […]

30 Days Wild – Day 29 – Leaf animals

Yesterday’s leaf people were such a success that we extended it this evening. We sourced more leaves and attempted to make animals out of them.  The googly eyes make them for sure! I have just ordered some more so we have them in stock.  &amp;amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br /> Here are our somewhat bizarre […]

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