30 Days Wild – Day 27 – Picnic in the rain

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Winner of 30 Days Wild 2017

After two weeks of beautiful sunshine and Mediterranean temperatures we were brought back to reality with a puddle. 

I met the family for lunch and while it was overcast we thought we’d brave a picnic. Of course just as we sat down the rain started shortly followed by a quick round of thunder and lightening. 

We hid under a tree (I did check it wasn’t the tallest tree around!) and carried on anyway because it’s what us Brits do right?!

The kids loved having lunch in the rain, running around with no shoes on, quacking at the ducklings and stroking the big pine tree we were sheltering under. 

The 30 Days Wild initiative has really helped us appreciate the little things about the natural world around us. Previously the rain might have been annoying, but today lunching in the rain actually felt like a lovely thing to do. Edie announced that this counted as our #30dayswild activity and I couldn’t agree more. 

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