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Doovay children's duvet review

Doovay – children’s duvet review

I am a supporter of independent small businesses. I will always try and shop local, shop small and show loyalty to those businesses and individuals whose passion for what they do matches the quality of what they sell.

I came across one such business recently on Twitter. Maryann & Piers have launched a business called Doovay where they sell a range of educational and fun children’s duvet covers.

Their duvet designs for kids grabbed my attention immediately. We have always struggled to find duvet covers that we like. High street brands tend to separate their designs into Boy (usually sport, space and animals) and Girl (usually fairies, princesses and flowers) categories which just annoys me to the point that we refuse to buy from them. There are the cheap and not so cheerful character duvets from film and TV franchises but we try our best to avoid these. We do have a Peppa Pig duvet at the back of the wardrobe, but we just try not to let Edie see it. It’s been 6 months since she asked for it to be put on her bed!

Our favourite duvet that we try to keep on Edie’s bed is from La Redoute and is jungle themed with tigers and monkeys all over it. The only issue with it is that the quality doesn’t feel great so we are not sure how long it will last.

I got in touch with the team at Doovay to say that I liked the duvets that they were producing and they offered to send me one to try out. I jumped at the chance, especially once I looked deeper into the designs that they sell and read their story:

The idea for doovay came about a few years ago as my children were getting older and growing-up all too quickly. My son was visiting a friend’s house on a sleepover and I was left, as usual, tidying his room! I took a moment to sit on his bed and, unashamedly, reminisced of the hours spent together in his room, reading bedtime stories, helping with homework and playing games.

It was at that moment I realised the potential for duvet covers as a giant, interactive canvass for supporting children’s learning, allowing parents and children to spend time together. The idea for doovay was born, designing educational and fun bedspread covers.

So that’s our story, we hope you enjoy our designs as much as we had fun in creating them.

We chose the Animalphabet design because Edie is really into letters and spelling at the moment, and Otis is animal mad. It arrived quickly and in pristine condition. The quality feels really great. When we opened it Edie wanted to immediately go through the alphabet and read sentence that accompanies each animal. Now that we have it on her bed we regularly go through the alphabet or play games to do with spotting particular letters or coming up with words starting with the letters.

As the photos below show, this has got the thumbs up from our kids as one of the best children’s duvet covers that we have found!

Doovay children's duvet covers

Doovay children's duvet covers

Doovay children's duvet covers

Doovay children's duvet covers

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