Providing for garden wildlife in Autumn

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Following our total wildlife immersion that was 30 Days Wild, the theme has continued to interest Edie. 

As the weather takes an Autumnal turn we have looked for ways to continue to support and encourage wildlife in our Surrey garden. 

Supporting wildlife in Autumn

1. Let some vegetables go to seed

This one wasn’t deliberate, but due to a very busy September, I hadn’t been able to stay on top of the veg patch as much as I would have liked. The rocket went to seed and grew small yellow flowers. I noticed a few lazy bees on the flowers and after looking it up discovered that this ensures some late season food sources for the pollenators. 

The courgette plants have finally stopped producing courgettes (every friend, family member and neighbour has had some!!) but the flowers are still blooming so I am leaving them in for now. I have also left a few rotting courgettes on the soil which are gradually being devoured. (Bonus point for spotting Otis in the photo below!)

2. Dry out sunflower heads and harvest the seeds

We had some fab sunflowers this year that Edie planted. They were her pride and joy for the summer. So to get even more value from them is great. 

There are two ways of using them. You can expose the seeds and hang the flower heads for small birds, or pull the seeds out completely and put them on the bird table. 

3. Invest in some new bird feeders and good quality bird food

There are so many options out there that it’s hard to know where to start. Most garden centres have a good stock but I recently was contacted by a brand called Haiths and asked if I would review one of theirs. Given that we have a resident Robin I chose this one as it is designed to keep the bigger birds away:

Haiths have been producing high quality bird food since the 1930s and pride themselves on food that is nutritious and safe for our feathered friends. Edie loved helping put the feeder together and it’s her job to spot when the food needs topping up. She takes the responsibility very seriously!!

4. Spruce up the bug hotel

Our bug hotel has had a mini makeover with the addition of some new branches, leaf debris and a few extra broken bits of brick and pots. This should hopefully provide more space and protection for the creepy crawlies that look for safety and warmth over the coming chillier months. 

If you have any other suggestions we’re all ears!

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