Need a last minute Xmas gift or stocking filler?

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We have presents under the tree before Christmas Eve evening! It’s a Christmas miracle that we are this organised. We have even come in vaguely close to the budget that we set.

I don’t quite know how we pulled it off because only just over a week ago we hadn’t ordered a single present!!

I’m excited to see them open them now. This is the first year that Edie has fully embraced the magic with a letter to Father Christmas that she wrote herself; glittery shoes, a snow globe, a cuddly rabbit and a few other fairly random requests. While Otis is just loving chocolate before breakfast and the twinkly lights outside everyone’s houses.

Anyway, I’m rambling!! The point of this blog was to tell you about a game we were sent to review called LinkIt.

Family fun with LinkIt

In LinkIt, players compete to find the link between the cards in front of them. The game is based on the speed at which a player can spot the links between the cards. It has proven to be a great family game that is inclusive and flexible for a range of ages.

It says it’s aimed at 6+ but Edie has picked it up amazingly well and we’ve even turned it into a form of snap that Otis has been able to join in with. It comes in a handy tin to it has travelled with us to friends houses and the pub a number of times.

If you’re looking for a last minute gift or stocking filler you can find it on Amazon here: LinkIt Card Game – Matches Theme

Full disclosure: this product was gifted to us with no money exchanged so I was under no pressure to write a positive review.

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