I’m Craig and this is my dad blog. I’m an early 30 something who is trying to work out how to be a good dad to two children, a semi-useful husband and an innovative(!) digital marketer!

I live in Reigate, Surrey having made the grown up decision to move out from South London in 2016 for more space and schools. I have been married to the very patient Emma since 2012, although we’ve been together for over a decade! We have a daughter called Edie, and a son called Otis. Oh, and a cat called Bertie.
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I started this dad blog as a place to share my ramblings as a new dad. This tends to include blogs filled with thoughts, questions, brainwaves, rants, products we have tried and places we have found. I wanted to document our lives but also create a place where I could share advice, learnings and insecurities.

Where are the instructions?

I am not one to read instructions, much to the frustration of my wife, but if there was an instruction manual for parenting I would read it cover to cover. Instead we have to rely on gut instinct, memories of how we were brought up, the support of our family, friends and wider community. For me being a digital marketer, the internet and social media was a natural place to turn, but it has provided a true support network. Between our amazing children we lost a pregnancy and it was the outpouring of love and support from strangers online that had been through similar along with family and friends that helped me through it. Some of those strangers and now real friends. I think that it is so important that we share the experiences we go through as parents. But not in a way where everything is made to look perfect, it has to show the chaos and the constant juggling. We of course love to share the highs but we need to know that the lows are part of it, that they come and go.

“This too shall pass”

Remember this. Every stage of parenting is a phase. 4 week sleep regression, teething, 4am wake ups, terrible twos…they all pass into the foggy parts of your brain and mostly you only remember the first smiles, the MaMa/DaDa babbling, the first bite of solid food, the first time they roll. This has to be a biological thing otherwise I don’t think we’d have any more than one child!

Anyway, you were warned by the title of this blog, I am a Rambling Dad! Thanks for coming to take a look. Follow me on social media, say hi, share your experiences. I would love to know who you are. Don’t just be a statistic within Google Analytics!

All the best, Craig

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