Doovay children's duvet review

Doovay – children’s duvet review I am a supporter of independent small businesses. I will always try and shop local, shop small and show loyalty to those businesses and individuals whose passion for what they do matches the quality of what they sell. I came across one such business recently on Twitter. Maryann & Piers…Continue Reading “Children’s duvet covers can be better”

I had the first totally full day of lone parenting with both kids today. No smug dad here. It nearly broke me! My midwife wife had a 13 hour shift and she had the car, leaving the three of us fend for ourselves. We were all getting a little stir crazy in the house so…Continue Reading “30 Days Wild – Day 24 – Being outnumbered is better outdoors¬†“

We said farewell to my Granddad today. He was affectionately named Dan Dan by his first grandchild and that name lasted through 15 other grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.  Other than his family, his garden was his greatest love. He has guided, inspired and encouraged many family members to do more in their own garden. …Continue Reading “30 Days Wild – Day 23 – Saying goodbye to a great gardener”

This was really straightforward. Suitable for most ages. Especially if they like peanut butter! Finding the pine cones in the first place could be a separate #30DaysWild task so this has two suggestions for the price of one! 1. Get some pine cones 2. Tie some string or garden wire around the top.  3. Spread…Continue Reading “30 Days Wild – Day 21 – Peanut butter pine cone feeders”