You are amazing. You are selfless. You are brave. You are stronger than you know. That is all. N.B. This is inspired by recent events when my son Otis Edward Freeman entered the world. I’m now working out how to survive/cope with/thrive during the transition from child to children. Wish me luck!

Edie: “Smell Daddy.” Me: “Smell what?” Edie: “My finger.” Me: “Ok.” I hesitantly sniffed and got a distinct whiff of poo, however she had just done a nostril stripping one in her nappy so I couldn’t tell if it was just that I was smelling. Me: “What does it smell of Edie?” Edie: (excitedly) “Poo Daddy!” Me: “Why does it smell…Continue Reading “A story of the glamorous role of being a parent”